Natural Juices an alternative to maintain your immune system

Natural Juices an alternative to maintain your immune system

To increase defenses and strengthen the immune system, foods rich in vitamins and minerals should be included in the daily diet, and one of the best ways to do this is through the preparation of juices or smoothies that include fruits, vegetables, seeds and/or nuts, which provide all these nutrients to the body.  In addition to being eye-catching because of their bright colors, fruit and vegetable juices are an important part of breakfast to strengthen the immune system, as they provide vitamin A, C and B6, Iron.

When the immune system is weakened, the person is more susceptible to disease, so the ideal is to consume these shakes regularly, as this offers the body a constant supply of vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, among other nutrients, which are essential to stimulate, regulate and increase the body’s defense cells. Juices are a good way to consume nutrients needed to strengthen the immune system and fight off disease. To avoid unwanted colds, a morning glass of these natural preparations is the key.

  • Some recipes of Simple, delicious, vitamin-laden juices
    Beet juice with carrotsThis carrot and beet juice is an excellent home remedy to strengthen the immune system, as it is rich in beta-carotene and iron. Besides this, ginger has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action, so it could help prevent and improve respiratory diseases such as flu, cough, asthma and bronchitis.Ingredients
    1 raw carrot;
    1/2 raw beet;
    1 tablespoon of oats;
    1 cm fresh ginger root;
    1 glass of water.Method of preparationWash, peel and chop the ingredients. Blend them until the juice is smooth and drink 1 glass a day.
    Strawberry and mint shakeStrawberries are rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps fight the free radicals that promote the emergence of certain diseases. In addition, it has natural yogurt, which is rich in probiotics that help maintain healthy intestinal flora, and mint that acts as an antiseptic, reducing the growth capacity of microorganisms in the digestive tract.Ingredients1 cup of strawberries;
    10 mint leaves;
    1 teaspoon chia seeds;
    120 mL of plain yogurt;
    1 tablespoon of honey.Method of preparation

    Blend all the ingredients and drink 1 glass a day. If it is too thick, you can add a little water or skimmed milk. Strawberries can be frozen beforehand to make the shake more refreshing.

    Green juice with lemon

    This green juice is rich in vitamin C and folate, the latter being a vitamin involved in the formation and repair of DNA, the deficiency of which could affect the immune system mediating cells. In addition, it contains ginger, lemon and honey, the regular consumption of which has been associated with an increase in the body’s defences.


    2 cabbage leaves;
    1 leaf of lettuce;
    1 medium carrot;
    1 celery stick or celery spain
    1 green apple;
    1 cm of fresh ginger root;
    1 tablespoon of honey.

    Method of preparation

    Wash and cut the ingredients. Blend and drink 1 glass per day.

    Papaya and oatmeal shake

    This shake is an excellent way to consume all the nutrients that are needed to strengthen the immune system. It contains vitamin A, zinc, silicon, selenium, omegas and vitamin C.


    1 skimmed yogurt;
    2 tablespoons of oats or oat bran;
    1 brazil nut or 3 almonds
    1/2 small papaya (150 g);
    2 tablespoons of avocado.

    Method of preparation

    Place all the ingredients in the blender. Blend them until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. It should be taken 2 to 3 times a week.

    Tomato juice with lemon

    Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants that protect cells against free radical damage that can compromise the immune system. Tomatoes provide three vitamins with high antioxidant power, such as beta-carotene, vitamin C and E.


    3 large ripe tomatoes;
    1/2 lemon juice:
    1 pinch of salt.

    How to prepare

    Wash and cut the tomatoes into segments, place them in a pot and let them simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain and add salt to taste and a few drops of lemon. Leave to cool and drink.


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