Our Social Contribution

Since ancient times, it has been proven that food is the basis of good health and a strengthened immune system. The diet of our ancestors was based mainly on grains, cereals, fruits, vegetables, and vegetables.
Cordon Green manufactures its products with organic grains and cerals, supporting fair trade, which is a solidarity-based and alternative commercial system to the conventional one that pursues the development of peoples and the fight against poverty. We work hand in hand with small Ecuadorian producers and farmers, improving their quality of life and that of their families.

We have created a range of new products made with grains, cereals, Ecuador’s own organic cocoa, the purchase of each product will help Ecuadorian farmers and villages. Our products meet all the norms and standards of quality of quality, they are elaborated in equipment that only process vegetable proteins.
For each product in the Cordon Green line that you buy, you are helping to help various people and animals. From each product sold we donate a sum to:



Ecuadorian small farmers

Populations or communities in need amid the pandemic

Abandoned animal shelters on the streets

Associations that carry out actions for the maintenance of the environment